Capacity — 72 seats, on stepped risers. No food or drink except water and popcorn allowed in the theatre.

Stage — flat, canvas floor, 7.2 x 4.9 m (23 x 16 ft)

Backstage — small dressing room

Lighting — basic lighting system, controlled from booth

Audio — basic sound system, two speakers, controlled from booth

Video — roll-down theatre screen (4.2m/14ft wide) with projector, DVD/Blu-Ray player, controlled from booth.

Front of house — a basic kitchen with concession window is available. Tables for selling merchandise.

Other — 7-ft Kawai grand piano (available to qualified musicians)

Rental rates — see Booking & fees

For more information on the facility, booking rates and upcoming events, contact interim Theatre Manager Sophie L’Homme at

Pic below: the stage, as seen from the tech booth. Click to enlarge.

theatre interior (view from tech booth)

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