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CSCTA theatre manager ad 2017 final

That’s right, we are is currently seeking a Theatre Manager — a once-in-a-long-while opportunity for the right person to get intimately involved in Tofino’s live event scene! Full job description is below.

Closing date is 10 October 2017. Send your resume and letter of introduction to We will contact qualified applicants for an interview.


The Theatre Manager contract is essentially a volunteer position with a stipend. Hours vary as required, both in number of hours in any given week and in time of day (or night) required, as is usual in the theatre business. The Theatre Manager works mostly independently, but in concert with the Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre Association board, and will report to the board.

DUTIES: The Manager will be responsible for:


  • handle inquiries about the theatre by phone, email, and social media;
  • make and confirm bookings with users;
  • keep an up-to-date online calendar of bookings;
  • collect deposits, fees and signed contracts, and forward them regularly to the treasurer;
  • arrange for technicians, supervisors, concession, etc. as needed;
  • ensure that users have all appropriate instructions, including operation of concession & liquor license requirements;


  • meet users to familiarize them with the facility, if necessary;
  • keep appointments and be available to clients, by phone or in person, as needed;


  • be familiar with the operation of all theatre equipment;
  • run all equipment for performances, as required, or
  • delegate technical work to approved technicians;


  • supervise events in the theatre, or arrange for trained personnel to supervise;
  • debrief the supervisor and check the premises after events;
  • deal with any problems with, or encountered by, supervisors;


(up to 4 hours per month)

  • check and maintain condition of the theatre and its equipment;
  • Maintenance includes, but is not limited to: general cleaning; repairs (e.g. changing light bulbs); assess what repairs and maintenance need to be done, report same to board, and arrange for them upon approval; supervise repairs and maintenance done by others.
  • Maintenance does not include cleaning after particular events, when users have not left the facility in satisfactory condition. In that case the Manager may hire someone to clean the facility, or do the cleaning themselves and bill the Association at a rate comparable to a professional cleaner. In either case, the user will be notified, and charged for the cleaning (to come out of the damage deposit);
  • Purchase supplies as needed (over $50 needs board approval);
  • liaise with and arrange for piano tuner, as needed;


  • train supervisors and technical personnel, as needed;
  • vet technical personnel on operation of lights, sound, video and all other theatre equipment;


  • liaise with Association’s board of directors; attend regular board meetings, where the Manager will report on theatre operations;
  • keep clear, up-to-date records of bookings, payments, repairs and maintenance, supervisory and other issues;
  • keep a running record of all theatre uses in a calendar year, to be reported at the AGM and available to the board when needed;
  • Keep all other documents up-to-date;


  • actively maintain the theatre website ( and Facebook page (Clayoquot Sound Theatre) with event postings and up-to-date information;
  • in general, promote the use of the theatre in print advertising and on-line;
  • for clarity, promotion of specific events is not part of the Manager’s job, but the Manager may negotiate this independently with event producers.


This is a contract position, for which the Manager will invoice the CSCTA at $550.00 flat rate each month. Additional remuneration will be given in certain instances, such as reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (receipts required).


The Manager will use their personal cell phone and computer for the job.

There will be a probation period of three months at the start of a new contract, during which either party may terminate the contract without notice or penalty. After the probation period, one month’s notice (or payment in lieu) from either party will be required to terminate the contract.

In either case, all documentation held by the Manager that pertains to the theatre and its operation will be handed over to the Association’s board of directors.

The duration of the contract is approximately one year, after which it will be up for renewal. Start date ideally no later than October 31st.