Here is our current calendar, showing all events for which the theatre is booked. Any other days are (in theory) available — contact our Theatre Manager via the booking & fees page.

Click on event title for start time and more info.


In general, the theatre is used for a wide variety of events. For example:

▪ Monday Night Movies every week during the year (almost). Details and upcoming titles on this page. (Generally no movie on statutory holidays.)
▪ West Coast Winter Music series (5 concerts November to April)
▪ Pacific Rim Whale Festival events (March)
▪ Pacific Rim Summer Festival concerts (June)
▪ Clayoquot 2.0 environmental education show (weekly July-August)
▪ Live theatre productions (fall)
▪ Book launches by local and visiting authors, with slide shows (year round)
▪ Surf movie showings for the beach crowd
▪ Dance recitals and performance
▪ Meetings held by local groups
▪ Concerts and other live events every month

For more information on the facility, see the Tech page.
To book an event, see the Booking & fees page.

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